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Business Restructuring and Turnaround Services

Bringing strategic stability to distressed organizations
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Strategic Advisory With Demonstrated Execution and Recovery

At some point in its lifecycle, every business will experience distress. Abrupt changes in market conditions or demand, shifts in the availability of financing, loss of major clients, disruptive technological change, and other factors can all have rapid effects on an organization’s prospects. Declining profitability, tight liquidity, credit unavailability, debts in excess of asset book value, and other factors are clear signs of a company in need of assistance — and these difficulties can strain the decision-making capabilities of even the strongest leaders. 

Infinity Investment Holdings Restructuring and Turnaround Services professionals have deep experience working with underperforming companies and distressed organizations. We work rapidly to assess the situation and deliver meaningful clarity, standing up operational and financial strategies to help stabilize your condition and working with you to develop ongoing plans to create value and improve performance. 

We work with you to execute restructuring and recovery plans, concentrating on strategic objectives and injecting expertise and human capital as needed, including interim and turnaround leadership to shore up your capabilities. 

How Can Infinity Investment Holdings Can Help

  • Turnaround Strategy
    Infinity Investment Holdings offers turnaround strategy development and execution, including financial modeling and projections and strategic alternative reviews.
  • Financial Modeling
    We assess company and plan viability through financial modeling and projections that help us evaluate risk and opportunity across multiple scenarios and plan options.
  • Distressed Interim Management
    Infinity Investment Holdings provides experienced, versatile interim C-level management talent to support companies in navigating restructuring or crisis situations.
  • Liquidity Management
    Infinity Investment Holdings liquidity management capabilities help distressed companies prioritize and fund operations through cash flow forecasting, liquidity improvement and vendor negotiation strategies.
  • Thorough Review of Strategic Alternatives
    Our professionals can provide clear advice on the available options to help maximize the value of the Enterprise.
  • Contingency Planning
    In addition to addressing the most pressing issues facing your company today, we can work through the optimal scenarios given the potential impact of worsening, stagnating, or improving business conditions.
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