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Business and Organizational Purpose

Our primary purpose is to provide our investors with a convenient and cost-effective way to invest in a diversified portfolio of assets that they may not be able to invest in individually.
From a business perspective, the purpose of Infinity Investment holdings is to generate returns for our investors.


Organisationally, our purpose is to provide a structured and professional environment for managing investment portfolios. We have a team of experienced investment professionals who analyse market trends, identify investment opportunities, and manage the portfolio on behalf of our investors. We also provide regular reports and updates to investors to keep them informed about the performance of the portfolio.

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Image by Kent Tupas

What is our Purpose ?

In addition to providing our investors with a convenient and cost-effective way to invest in a diversified portfolio of assets. Infinity Investment Holdings also play an important role in the broader economy by channeling capital into businesses and industries that need it.

By investing in companies and projects that have the potential for growth and profitability, We help to drive economic development and create jobs.

Infinity Financial Services Approach to Business Purpose

The field of business purpose consulting has become more crowded in the years since we invented it. But Infinity Investment Holdings, is singular in both its perspective and approach.
  • Turnaround Strategy
    Infinity Investment Holdings offers turnaround strategy development and execution, including financial modeling and projections and strategic alternative reviews.
  • Financial Modeling
    We assess company and plan viability through financial modeling and projections that help us evaluate risk and opportunity across multiple scenarios and plan options.
  • Distressed Interim Management
    Infinity Investment Holdings provides experienced, versatile interim C-level management talent to support companies in navigating restructuring or crisis situations.
  • Liquidity Management
    Infinity Investment Holdings liquidity management capabilities help distressed companies prioritize and fund operations through cash flow forecasting, liquidity improvement and vendor negotiation strategies.
  • Thorough Review of Strategic Alternatives
    Our professionals can provide clear advice on the available options to help maximize the value of the Enterprise.
  • Contingency Planning
    In addition to addressing the most pressing issues facing your company today, we can work through the optimal scenarios given the potential impact of worsening, stagnating, or improving business conditions.

Many of our clients seek to define their business purpose to gain organizational clarity, alignment, and meaning at a critical moment in their development. Some are navigating large-scale business transformation. Others are facing, or are in the midst of, changes in leadership. Still others are at an inflection point in their organization’s trajectory, seeking to turn around or accelerate their business.
To help you find your organizational purpose, we look beyond what you make or sell. We unearth human insights that get to the core of what you bring to the world. And we open the aperture so that you view your business and opportunities through a much wider lens.
Purpose must then be activated and embedded across the organization—in people and culture, strategy and operations, and branding and communications. Only after implementing purpose throughout your entire organization will your company realize the full impact on its performance.

How We Help You Excavate and Live Your Business Purpose

1. Discover

We start by excavating and uncovering the truth about your organization. We interview your people, rigorously research your existing messaging, and conduct surveys to better define and articulate the authentic strengths of your company. We then take an external view, bringing in luminaries to help us uncover the need in the world that your organization is uniquely positioned to fulfill.

2. Articulate

Drawing on the insights from our luminary network, as well as the organizational insights gathered through our rigorous fact-finding and analysis, we help derive your timeless purpose. We craft a memorable, authentic, and inspiring purpose statement and story.

4. Embed

As soon as leaders start embodying and championing purpose, it’s time to transform the entire organization’s culture, strategy, and branding through a purpose-driven lens. Purpose is implemented by fully integrating it into ways of working, enabling employees to become more emotionally connected and to feel a deeper sense of meaning in their work.

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